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About us

We are a multidisciplinary team of more than a dozen professionals dedicated to the rehabilitation of orthopaedic, rheumatologic and neurological problems and pathologies. We also have extensive experience in amputees, geriatrics, oncologists and paediatricians. 
In addition, we are dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of acute and chronic pain situations, as well as palliative care.

It is our duty as providers of the National Health Service and the private system to provide our users, and within the scope of our competences, with a quick and effective response to their health problems. 

Our goals are: 

  • Assessment and treatment of disability/physical disability,

  • Rapid diagnosis and treatment of acute pain,

  • Chronic pain relief, pain chronification prevention,

  • Rationalization in the prescription of medication,

  • Improved quality of life,

  • Rapid return to physical activity or daily life activity,

  • Medical orientation in case of surgical need or second opinion

Our mission is to give back to the Algarvian and foreign population our vast national and international experience based on the provision of high quality health care and expertise. 

Medical Director:

Dr. Cátia Galvão

- Doctor of Medicine (M.D), University of Lisbon
- Specialist for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - Ordem dos médicos Portuguesa, Bundesärztekammer (Germany), FMH/MEBEKO- Switzerland
- Pain Medicine - Swiss Society for the Study of Pain (SGSS)
- Post-graduate course, Sports Medicine - University of Lisbon

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