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Dra. Cátia Galvão



Dr. Cátia Galvão


  • Clinical activities


- Chief Physician in the field of musculoskeletal/general Rehabilitation and Pain (Zurich-Switzerland)
- Specialist in Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine (Faro and Lisbon - Portugal, Hamburg, Munich - Germany)

  • Academic training

- Doctor of Medicine (M.D), University of Lisbon
- Specialist for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine - Ordem dos médicos Portuguesa, Bundesärztekammer (Germany), FMH/MEBEKO- Switzerland
- Pain Medicine - Swiss Society for the Study of Pain (SGSS)
- Post-graduate Course, Sports Medicine - University of Lisbon

  • Scientific and formative Activity


- Responsible for the training of assistant doctors in the musculoskeletal system by the Swiss Medical Association (SIWF - FMH)

- Publications and scientific papers and presentation of posters at several national congresses and International - Cooperation in the development of "Functional Electric Stimulation", in collaboration with the Institute for Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology),Massachusetts (United States of America)


  • Member:


- German Society for Manual Medicine (DGMM) - German Society for Manual Medicine
- Swiss Society for the Study of Pain (SGSS)
- European Federation of Pain Associations (EFIC)


  • Languages:


- Portuguese, German/Schweizerdeutsch, English, Italian and Spanish

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