Advice on adapted technical material

Na consulta médica avaliamos a necessidade do uso se material técnico para minimizar o dano físico/incapacidade funcional.

After evaluation we advise on:

  • Orthotics,

  • Prostheses,

  • Confection of Talas, 

  • Walking aids

  • Tools for home, work or sports activities 

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Another medical Services 


Given our international experience in countries such as Germany and Switzerland (premise of professional activity authorized by the respective order of doctors) allows us to be highly knowledgeable about these health systems, as well as the health institutions most suitable for the treatment of your health problem.


Types of Services:

  • Translations of medical documents (clinical information);;

  • Counseling of institutions;;

  • Contact with the competent medical team. 


  • Second opinion  (zweite Meinung);

  • Scheduled medical treatment (e.g. elective surgery, rehabilitation treatment);

  • Patients hospitalised in Portugal who are seeking to be transferred to Switzerland or Germany.


  • Patients with international health insurance;

  • Patients seeking treatment on their own (selbsbezahlung); (selbsbezahlung);

  • Patients with German/Swiss health insurance who are seeking medical advice (Zuweisung)