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Feet and fingers

dor de pés

Morton's neuroma

It is an inflammation and thickening of one of the nerves that are responsible for innervating the toes. It occurs most often between the 3rd and 4th fingers, usually as a result of repeated trauma, irritation or excessive pressure. The incidence is higher in women.

Symptoms - There may be swelling of the painful site - Burning pain that can radiate to the other fingers; the pain can worsen with physical activity, tight shoes or with high heels - numbness and / or discomfort.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a very common problem of pain in the sole of the foot, which manifests itself in both sportspeople and sedentary people. It affects the so-called plantar fascia: a strip of elastic tissue that extends from the heel to the toes. When this area becomes inflamed, there is a sharp, piercing pain that can limit daily activity.

Neuroma de Morton

Fasceíte plantar

Objectives of a rehabilitation program:

  • Improving mobility and joint movement

  • Relief from pain and inflammation

  • General physical reconditioning

  • Teaching and counselling of support products (orthotics, splints, etc.)

  • Return to work activities , daily life and sports activities  

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