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What is tendinitis?

A tendinitis is an inflammatory process of a tendon. A tendon is the structure by which the muscle attaches to the bone, thus leading to movement of the joints. When the muscle and the tendon are heavily stressed, for example in repetitive tasks, an inflammatory process occurs in the tendon and its sheath, causing pain, which in the initial phase are associated with the execution of the task.  With the maintenance of the activity, the picture is accentuated and the pain starts to be present even at rest and can even disturb sleep.   In the shoulder, therefore, the vast majority of tendinitis is of mechanical origin, due to repetitive tasks or maintained for long periods. Examples include work on assembly lines, daily and prolonged use of the computer and incorrect or intensive practice of a sporting activity.

What is calcification?

Shoulder tendons may have calcifications. It is therefore the deposit of calcium salts inside the tendons, due to the existence of a sustained inflammation (tendinitis).

What is an infiltration?

An infiltration is the medical act in which, through an injection, a medication is introduced in a certain region. Injections in the shoulder can be very useful when used properly: in exacerbated inflammatory processes in which the patient has very intense pain in the shoulder that prevents him from moving and does not allow him to sleep, following the treatment of inflammation of the tendons (tendonitis) that do not give in with physical therapy and in cases of adhesive capsulitis.

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